Kingdom of Narnia

Aug 30

The equipment we will need is:






-bottle of cordial made of one of the fire-flowers that grow in the mountains of the sun

-small dagger

We will find food ourselves from the forests and there will be no need to pack food or clothes because this journey to Narnia is more like an adventure.


Aug 30

The original source of energy within Narnia will be the sun.

But the vivacity of the sun comes from the happiness and energy from the residents; when those living in Narnia are sad, the sun will be faint – hence the cold times during the Witch’s reign, so technically, we keep the sun alive and the sun keeps us alive.


Aug 30

Definite Objectives

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Determine definite objectives i.e. description of the special place e.g. abiotic/biotic components i.e. food chains/webs etc.

Narnia is a magical place that is, to a large extent, illustrated as a cold, snowy place in C.S. Lewis’s “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, of which this blog is based on. Narnia contains many strange beings, such as Mr. Tumnus, who is half-fawn and half-human, and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, who are speaking animals.

The snow in Narnia is abiotic and Mr. Tumbus is biotic.

As a food web, we will be vegetarian for this trip to avoid complications or being the ones to blame for a decrease in wildlife and so on.

Besides, since Narnia is pretty much 90% forest, we should find lots of vegetarian-like food. There will be the sun of course, which will provide food for the plants, and thus provide food for us :)

We will be very happy.

Aug 24

Travel Arrangements

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We would have to find the house, where the wardrobe is first. We’d take a plane to London which would be about $1500 per person.

Then we would take a train to the house of the old Professor, which is 10 miles away from the nearest station. This will be about $15 each.

From there on, we would find the empty, big room in the house and enter Narnia through the wardrobe.




Aug 23


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The destination we have chosen for our project is Narnia.


Aug 23


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We want to be as comfortable as possible, even though we will  be travelling for quite some time. We need money for food, water, warm sleeping bags and travelling.

We are not sure exactly how long we will be travelling for, but no more than a few months.

We think that approximately $3, 000 would suffice for each person – in total; $9,000.

Aug 23


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We do not expect to be living in five-star conditions, but the beaver’s cottage in Narnia portrays exactly what we would imagine – a warm place; cosy, a little small and cluttered, but pleasant nevertheless.

Image of Beaver's Home

The Beaver's Home

The above picture depicts the beaver’s home in Narnia and you can see, behind Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, a stack of wood and a dim light.

The beavers’ home seems like a suitable place to live for a few months as the hosts are also kind and helpful :’)

Aug 04

We – Rita, Mary and Whansae – are part of 8SC3 and our teacher is Ms. McCrossin.

Our project is about Narnia. The conditions of this project are as follows:

  1. Select a special place – natural, provide a map (Narnia)
  2. Determine a special objective (to save Aslan, the magical lion)
  3. Set  a budget (Budget is not necessary)
  4. Plan how you will get there i.e. travel arrangements (via wardrobe)
  5. Determine length of stay (a fortnight)
  6. Determine accommodation (nomadic)
  7. Determine our equipment, clothes, provision etc (Tumnus will help us find food)
  8. Determine definite objectives i.e. description of the special place e.g. abiotic/biotic components i.e. food chains/webs etc. 

We chose the fictional Kingdom of Narnia, our objective is to save Aslan because the Pevensie siblings (c’est a dire; the heirs to the throne) are on holiday and Aslan is in grave danger again.

We have no idea how this is related to science/ecology, but this is fun wheeeeeee!